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2022 had its share of ups and downs — most notably in the U.S. with inflation, financial markets, and the election cycle.

Meanwhile, here in the advertising/marketing industry, things “stayed the course” — in terms of continuing to present new challenges and opportunities for agencies and clients, on top of new technologies to make our jobs even more … uhm … “fascinating.”

DMW’s Blog helped keep you in the know with all of it!

Our authors had a ton of new content to help you stay on top of your game … assuming you had time to read it! Plus, our blog gave you a good look at the inner workings of DMW, with valuable direct response knowledge and personal points of view.

You may have seen all our posts in 2022 — and if you did, thank you! But if your professional and/or personal life cause you to miss a topic occasionally, here are our editor’s picks to keep you on top of our Top 5 published posts …

3 Ways To Stand Out In Your Marketplace And Build Your Business

Renee Mezzanotte, EVP of Client Engagement

Do you know how to make your brand really stand out, AND get a return on investment?

DMW’s EVP of client engagement does. And in Renee Mezzanotte’s blog post, “3 Ways To Stand Out In Your Marketplace,” she shares key ways to differentiate any brand, and Medicare brands in particular — plus generate leads and sales.

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QR Codes: 5 How-To’s To Turn A “Mess O’ Dots” Into A Response

Bill Spink, EVP and Chief Creative Officer

While QR codes have been around for quite some time (since the 1990s in fact), they really took off during the COVID pandemic. Remember scanning that weird-looking graphic to order takeout?

Now they’re just about everywhere, including direct marketing. But do they work? To find out, take a moment to read Bill Spink’s blog post.

As DMW’s EVP and chief creative officer, he takes an in-depth look at how QR codes function, and how DMW has been deploying them in growing numbers for clients — and generating growing response rates.

Put this blog post on your to-do list today! Then you’ll know why QR codes should be an essential part of your marketing campaigns. Read It Now!

8 Email Marketing Strategies To Improve Campaign Performance

Justin Stauffer, VP of Integrated Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, email may seem so old school — the first one was sent back in 1971. The fact is that email is a medium-rich channel and certainly not showing any signs of slowing down in marketing.

In “8 Email Marketing Strategies To Improve Campaign Performance,” Justin Stauffer, DMW VP of integrated marketing, takes a deep dive to share why email still offers you a powerful tool — and how to optimize it in your digital media mix.

Find out how to raise your response rates, lift leads, and increase conversions. Read It Now!

See How Informed Delivery Sends Mail Response Higher

Tracy Elasfari, Director of Operations

Do you know about one of the most innovative media tools — combining the response and tracking features of both digital and print media — available to marketers today?

It’s Informed Delivery® from the USPS.

Tracy Elasfari, DMW director of operations, shares the inside scoop about it in her blog post, “See How Informed Delivery Sends Mail Response Higher.” You’ll learn more about this easy way to lift direct mail response and lower postage costs.

DMW clients use Informed Delivery — an integrated digital and direct mail campaign — to boost consumer engagement and save with postage discounts during this upcoming AEP. You can, too.

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Media Strategies Evolve As Boomers Become “The” Connected TV Generation

Justin Stauffer, VP of Integrated Marketing

For the first time ever — individuals age 50-64 are watching more streaming TV (aka Connected TV or CTV) than the following generation, viewers age 35-49. What?!?

THAT’S HUGE NEWS! So why is this happening now? Good question.

And DMW’s VP of integrated marketing, Justin Stauffer has some great answers! Check out his blog post, “Media Strategies Evolve As Boomers Become ‘The’ Connected TV Generation,” for some insightful thoughts on the phenomenon.

Consumers age 65+ may not be the first Early Adopters. But when they (millions of them, with millions in disposable income) get on board with a technology trend, direct marketers have to really pay attention.

Don’t go another day without getting up to speed! Read It Now!

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Bonus Picks

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