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Q: There’s a broadcast TV station I see all the time, and the daytime commercials are mostly senior-focused: Medicare, life insurance, final expenses insurance, etc. I hadn’t really considered it before, but now I think that a Medicare TV commercial to go with my Medicare print and digital campaign would be a great idea. But can I get it shown on the broadcast network of my choosing, at exactly the time I want?”

A: Excellent question, and direct response TV when done right can really crystalize your marketing message, bringing it to life and delivered with deft precision these days. You certainly could have your commercial air on the network of your choosing. All you need is a TV commercial, media dollars, and dates for when you want to air. We’d then work on a recommendation to determine the best dayparts (blocks of time) and programming to air the spot so that it aligns with the viewing habits of your target audience.

TV can pack a huge direct wallop. Yet so many best practices go into creating a winning spot that it’s a mystery for agencies not versed in the art of direct response. And guess what? The television landscape is changing now more than ever. Broadcast television is intriguing, and important, for sure. BUT are you familiar with CTV (connected television)? Check out this blog post where we dive deeper into how CTV can target individual households, and why CTV makes an excellent pairing with linear (i.e., cable or broadcast) TV.

Stay tuned to DMW, where we’re deeply immersed in the whirlwind of new media opportunities opening up for you. And we’re constantly staying ahead of the technology, so every dollar going into your media mix results in maximum ROI.

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