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Our editor has selected the most insightful blog posts from the content we’ve published over the past year. In case you missed a post or would enjoy a second read, here are our top three from 2023.

8 Ways to increase conversions within your landing pages

Don’t be fooled by the theoretical simplicity of a landing page. Although it’s structured as a standalone web page with a single call to action, the effectiveness of your landing page can determine whether your marketing campaign fails or flourishes.

When your campaign drives users to a strong landing page — one that appeals to your target audience and engages them without requiring too much of a time commitment — you can increase the conversion rate of your marketing campaign and lower your cost of converting leads.

This blog post by Justin Stauffer explores how landing pages attract prospects, entice them to act, and compel them to convert.

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Improve how you market to seniors

According to the United States Census Bureau, one in six people were 65 or older in 2020. Remarkably, this demographic grew nearly five times faster than the total population in the 100 years between 1920 and 2020. (In 1920, only one in twenty people were 65 plus.) Interesting? Sure. Important? Absolutely.

Baby boomers have the highest household net worth of any U.S. generation, with an average household balance of $1.6 million. They make up an impressive percentage of the U.S. population and own an even more impressive amount of assets per household. From a marketing perspective, they deserve better than “Medicare Martha.”

In this MarCom award-winning blog post, Katie Maule explores several ways to respectfully engage the 65 plus population, including methods like showing authentic photos of seniors and embracing diversity in all its forms.

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When CMS and health care marketers become best friends

DMW’s Andrew Davis couldn’t have said it better when he wrote, “ … a CMS (Content Management System) is the holy grail for everyone craving organization and order.”

In this blog post, Andrew starts with the basics: a CMS can help improve your digital visibility, increase your organization’s efficiency, improve how you engage with clients and prospects, and make your acquisition efforts more effective. Then he dives into the lesser-known functionality of a CMS and how it can expand the reach of your brand’s content, scale your site, and help your team develop custom workflows and processes.

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From a marketing perspective, baby boomers deserve more than “Medicare Martha.”

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