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Question: Do TV commercials with rolling screens of type really work? — Rolling Screams

Q: I’m ready to start exploring a TV campaign for my Medicare plan, as a springboard to synergize my digital, DM, print, billboards etc. I’m dismayed at the Medicare spots I’m inundated with, though. I think they lack polish and vision. I want a real hero in my spots … give me a Flo, a LiMu emu, a gecko that everyone might know me by. You guys are the experts … let’s bring something cool (and hopefully ROI-laden) to life. But if you give me one of those rolling screen spots: ugh … I’m gonna scream! [rolls eyes].

A: Thanks for reaching out because we do, in fact, have a storehouse of TV knowledge … in particular, in developing highly successful “DRTV” (direct response television) spots … spots that zero in with laser accuracy on a consumer pain point and drive them to action.

Ok … DRTV may not be the sexiest thing you’ll see during the commercial break. Unless you are sitting at the bullseye of the target audience, you likely couldn’t click away fast enough. And that’s where our conversation should really begin.

There’s more than meets the eye with DRTV. Especially if you’re the intended audience.

“There are secrets to creating a captivating direct response commercial that both engages the audience and drives immediate response,” says Cheryl Biondi, DMW VP Creative Director. “You have a sharply specific audience you want to sit up and take notice, and you need them to know, within 5 seconds, ‘Hey, this is for me.’ The proprietary elements that go into each of our spots are researched, control-tested, and honed over years.”

“Our prospect audience (and client with a weekly lead goal) isn’t looking to be wined and dined and romanced for months on end. That’s what a brand spot does (and we do those, too, if your business objectives call for that). For DRTV though, it’s ‘what’s in it for me (WIIFM).’ It’s the one-two punch of a see-say copy point.”

That’s where a “rolling screen” type-driven ad can be effective. Even better, though, when it’s executed artfully (literally) and supported with emotion-laden images, we find it can be an elegant lead-generating TKO punch. Exhaustively engineered, sometimes beautifully minimal, always working its heart out for that response. Every title-safe square inch. Every millisecond (not even kidding).

There’s that new and ubiquitous Sarah Silverman ad, in terms of a spot that might be muddying the waters of DR perception. It’s a brand spot that injects some responsive energy as Sarah implores the viewer to “Join Uber One (or don’t … I don’t care).” It’s tight and funny. But what’s the actual product/service, in the end? I swear, I STILL don’t know. And there’s no real product to call about. We won’t, we can’t, let this happen to you. Not for your DRTV, at least.

DRTV is an art form. Trust us to create something perfect for you.

Cheryl Biondi, our DRTV guru, unpacks much more about the mechanics of how we create our spots in Anatomy of Winning Direct Response Creative — Part 4: DRTV Packs a Powerful Punch. Or maybe you’re truly ready to get started, in which case, please (wait for it) … CALL NOW!

Seriously though, contact DMW today with any questions or if results are lacking in your current TV campaign. We’ll figure out the best individual direction for you, and make your DRTV as compelling, and, as WINNING as possible.

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