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Effective June 2, 2021, Google will update its policy for health insurance companies who advertise in the US. By this date, all health insurers that want to advertise through Google’s ad network will be required to be certified by a third party (G2).

This is not the first time that Google has required certification programs for an entire industry – similar programs currently exist for online pharmacies. However, it is another effort by Google to ensure trustworthiness by its advertisers and provide a layer of protection for consumers.

The certification will focus on validating that a health plan is:

  1. In fact a health insurance provider

  2. Permitted to sell health insurance

  3. Is or is not registered with the U.S. government to promote and sell ACA-compliant health plans

What information will be needed?
There are a few pieces of information that a health insurance provider will need to gather as part of this process:

  • General business information (e.g. Name, DBA, Website, Contact Info, NAIC/NPN Codes)

  • Insurance license information for each state/locale where they do business (e.g. Scanned License, License Type, License #, Expiration Date)

  • Proof of ACA qualification (if applicable)

When can a plan get certified?
May 3rd is when you will first be able to go through the certification. There is a fee for certification for the initial application as well as an ongoing annual monitoring fee, details of which will be made available on 5/3 on G2’s Website.

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