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Imagine waking up to a fully updated dashboard showing you important KPIs, in context with business drivers to help you make decisions for that point in time, in that exact moment.

… Envision data being prepared, deduped, cleaned, and structured for you, all in real time, allowing business users to pose natural questions and receive accurate answers.

… Visualize trending and immediate insights pushed to your dashboards, alerting all users to correlations and business impact — resulting in quicker, effective decisions for your business.

That’s the promise of Augmented Analytics. Data science has taken numerous leaps in recent years. Machine learning and automation, often incorporating solutions into user-friendly tools and applications, offer you many practical benefits.

Not seeing all these benefits? There are reasons.

The promise of this new intelligence is oftentimes undermined, usually unwittingly, by those handling the data. The result, rather than immediate, actionable insight, is data congestion. Slowdowns. Inefficient processes. As a means to overcome that undesired end, organizations are increasingly pushing data access and processing responsibility on business users to ease the burden of time to insight.

Sometimes, we see similar congestion in the reporting and business intelligence realms, doubling the time it takes to both get to and visualize data. In most cases, business leaders and marketers need data to make decisions and, as we know, they want to make them fast and successfully. Relying on data scientists and business intelligence executives can often be frustrating and cumbersome to these users. Enter augmented analytics.

In the Health Insurance world, augmented analytics can have a vast and immediate impact.

Augmented Analytics: what, how, and why.

Augmented Analytics is the concept of introducing machine learning and natural language processing algorithms within front-facing business intelligence and visualization applications. This allows for automated prediction, analysis, preparation, and presentation of the data with little-to-no business user intervention.

Machine learning creates and identifies relationships within disparate data to spot patterns and alert you to critical data points. Additionally, it allows for Natural Language Processing (NLP), which takes unstructured and partial queries and entries and turns them into structured data, effectively allowing users to “ask” questions in their own voice, using conversational phrases, with immediate answers.

A healthy impact for health plans and systems.

In the Health Insurance world, augmented analytics can have a vast and immediate impact. This technology makes it possible for health outcomes to be predicted, giving marketers a better understanding of who to target in the future and when. It allows for the prediction of hospital visits, admissions, needs, and services, which in turn makes it easier to tailor personalized, specific marketing efforts.

These insights give health care marketers — in both health plans or health care systems — the ability to see data at a higher, more immediate level, as opposed to relying on disparate reports and source systems, enabling efficiency and quicker decisions. And, perhaps most importantly, it simply makes it easier to get to data as most clinical information systems and CRMs were not designed with downstream analytics in mind.

Take advantage of automated prediction, analysis, preparation, and presentation of your data with little-to-no user intervention.

The time to augment your marketing insights is now!

As 2020 has proven to us time and again, the intersection of business and technology is becoming a blurred line and an absolute necessity for the future. Many industries are behind the proverbial curve and do not have solutions for getting in front of data and insights.

Augmented analytics will not only bridge that gap, but will prove to be an extremely useful tool in a health care marketer’s toolbox. Contact DMW today and let’s talk about applying these next-generation capabilities to enhance your data, hone your targeting, and boost response!