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Q: Does personalization really make a difference? – Getting Personal

A: It absolutely does. When you see your name in a communication, it enforces that the communicator has a message that is specific to you.

Think about the slew of mail you receive. If you see an envelope or packet with your name on it, doesn’t it make you just a little excited? The sender isn’t just blasting out a broad message that most likely doesn’t even apply — that they’ve “done their homework” so to speak, and have something specific to say. Personalization is a proven method in mail, and it has been for a long time.

But it doesn’t stop there. “Personalized digital methods are also very effective. A simple thing like incorporating an individual’s name in an email subject line can increase open rates by 26%. Digital ads are also a great way to feature one or two personalization tactics like calling out a county name.”

Just be careful about using too much information when you personalize. The idea is to make people feel like you care, not like you’ve accessed everything from their name to their blood type.

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