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We think of ourselves as a family at DMW and love to have fun together as an agency. To get into the holiday spirit this year, we went back a few years … er, decades.

Tapping into our deep reservoir of creative talent, we came together over a set of adorable baby pictures to compete for pride, glory, and a coveted Visa gift card. Many members of our staff participated in the holiday guess-who contest, matching baby portraits to adult headshots.

Congratulations to our winner, Director of Operations Tracy Elasfari, who had the most correct guesses and one of the two baby pictures that stumped the most people. Our other winner, Account Manager Greg Rothwell, tied with Tracy for stumping the most coworkers with his picture.

From left: Tracy as a baby on her grandmother’s lap and as an adult; Greg as a newborn (just one day old!) and as an adult.

Keep reading to see some of our crack team of marketing experts as fresh-faced babies.

Happy holidays from all of us here at DMW!

Left to right, from top: Allison Rigler, Senior Production Manager; Cheryl Biondi, VP, Creative Director; Christina Clausen, Director of Human Resources; Dom Bonanni, Senior Developer; Greg Rothwell, Account Manager; Janine Taylor, Account Supervisor; Jen Natale, Senior Account Executive; Jenn Smith, Digital Marketing Manager; Katie Maule, Associate Creative Director; Kylie Lynch, Account Executive; Mark Mandia, President & CEO; Megan Howe, Account Director; Renee Mezzanotte, EVP, Client Engagement; Sean Clark, Chief Creative Officer; Seth Rickards, Senior Writer; Steve Richards, Associate Creative Director; Sue Naylor, Creative Director; Sue Sweeney, Senior Production Manager; Traci Wasser, Account Manager; Tracy Elasfari, Director of Operations.