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Question: Each year my company sends out an oversized postcard for a product promotion. We send a BOGO (buy one, get one) offer to our updated target audience list for the area, and it usually brings in a good return. This year we’re not making as many sales. I suggested to my team that maybe we need to mix up the look and feel, but no one seemed to think that it would matter. What do you think? — Craving New Creative

Dear Craving,

The short answer is yes! – but test it against your control creative, “I would start with a full audit of the effort. It’s free (besides your time) and it’s likely there’s more going on besides the creative,” says DMW Creative Director, Sean Clark. “It doesn’t help to introduce awesome new creative if the message is what’s falling flat.”

If your “good response” is suddenly dropping off, is there some change in the marketplace? Competitor(s) with new/similar advertising? Has the product seen a sudden shift in demand/popularity?

Whatever the case, the messaging, visuals, and tone may need to shift to address the current environment and feel relevant and compelling. A creative refresh is often a great way to get consumers to take another look at an offer. Or grab new folks who haven’t been responding in the past.

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