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Looking back, 2017 has certainly been an interesting year in many ways. That includes the DMW agency blog!  Over the past 12 months, we’ve shared insights on critical response marketing topics useful for all marketers who demand measurable results.

Here’s a roundup of arguably the most timely and critical insights from 2017 we want to make sure you didn’t miss. Posts that feel especially relevant to inform your marketing planning and execution through the year ahead.

3 Key Insights: Getting More From ​Mobile + Desktop

Rachel Silva, VP Strategy and Innovation and Justin Stauffer, VP Digital Marketing

“Mobile First” is an undeniably appropriate and necessary credo when planning a marketing campaign. At first blush this could feel most critical for younger (millennial) audiences. However, many are surprised to learn that the principle proves equally valid for the 65+ market. How do you effectively integrate mobile and desktop strategies to drive results? This post shares insights on doing just that based on recent in-market results. Read Post

Digging Into Consumer Profiles Reveals A Winning Direct Response Insight

Kevin Courtright, Director Data Analytics

Models and profiles are key concepts for all marketers today. But they can be abstract. What do they really mean? How can they boost results? This post shares insights gleaned from recent in-market campaigns. Predictive modeling applied to multi-touch campaigns (e.g., for Medicare plans) can capture very different consumer responses from each effort. If your predictive model does not consider this — your response is likely suffering.  Read Post

OMG It’s AEP! How to turn those leads into sales PDQ!

OMG It’s AEP! How to Turn Those Leads Into Sales PDQ!

Linda Armstrong, VP, Practice Leader

Here are four key questions to help every marketer in any category maximize turning leads into sales. There is no shortage of marketing content that focuses on advertising tactics for TV, online, mail, and newspaper to attract attention and get leads. This post dives deeper to identify check points and key questions to ask that will yield more effective lead conversion. Read Post

Seven Strategies for Retention

7 Direct Response Strategies for Improving Customer Retention

Justin Stauffer, VP, Digital Marketing

Many marketers are plagued with a recurring, chronic problem. Because business goals demand such focus on short-term acquisition goals, it becomes too easy to be “blindsided” by annual lapse and churn rates. As a result, attracting new customers too often means failing to retain current patrons. Here are practical, proven techniques to maximize your most cost efficient revenue source: your current customers. Read Post

Consumer TV Viewing Habits Are Changing

Changing TV Viewing Trends: What OTT and VOD Mean To You

Len Zappolo, Director Broadcast Media

Consumers are changing how they watch entertainment. Consequently, these new media habits are reshaping how advertising in video entertainment fits into a direct marketing strategy in 2017 and beyond. Over-the-top (OTT) viewing through Netflix, Hulu, Roku, and other video on demand streaming services is changing the game for DRTV advertisers. As the landscape continues to shift, considering advertising options beyond linear TV is critical to assure your media dollars are optimally invested. Read Post