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We all have “things” that make us tick. For some, it’s material things; for others, it’s personal growth, but for the Boomer, it’s more about values and experiences that define them than anything else.

I don’t say this lightly when I say that Boomers have been around for a while. I remember times when my mother would say, “You forget that I was your age.” In other words: been there, done that.

Older truly does equal wiser.

In order to meet the expectations of our Boomer generation, I’ve compiled a short list of “must-dos” when communicating with them, and they are:

checklist_blog4 • Build a relationship, be engaging
• Play to their emotions, but don’t be sleazy
• Be honest, objective and open-ended
• Allow information to be pulled, not pushed – create dialog
• Create a meaningful experience
• Be respectful

No matter what I read or where I read it, Boomers have changed their approach toward spending, and even they are remaining cautious. While the Boomer generation may have amassed a huge amount of collective wealth through unprecedented prosperity and rising markets, they are among the few who can’t easily replace what they’ve lost during the recent recession.

Younger generations, the X’s and Y’s, can keep working, replacing lost incomes, investments and savings more easily than their parents and grandparents, and they may be able to spend more over time, too.

But if you are going to tap into the Boomer market, can you afford not to be respectful to the single largest population who has now tightened their purse strings?