A response winner born out of a digital “Parent-Child Reunion.”

Millennial Media Mix

The core of the Blue Box campaign was a video shoot of the 20-something prospect audience, plus Mom and Dad, which fueled both broadcast and web video assets.

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina staff at “Blue” walk-in retail locations found themselves fielding questions from anxious parents:

“Can I buy my daughter a health insurance gift card?”
“Can I sign my son up for a health plan myself?”
“If I get my kid to sign up, can I pay for it?”

Like 20- and 30-somethings for decades, these adult children felt “invincible” and unmotivated to buy health insurance.  But our team identified two critical differences for today’s Millennials and GenY consumers:

  • A solid relationship with their parents, and the way they value them for their opinions, and;
  • The parents involvement in their lives, desperately wanting their kids insured; and their willingness to help enroll them.

These insights led to a cross-generational campaign to get those applications filled out. And a unique campaign…

YouTube Pre-Roll Ads

A specific YouTube pre-roll video, edited from the DRTV spot, including a call to action in the critical opening seconds.

Online pre-roll video featuring the parents' side of the story.

Inventing the Holiday Blue Box

Those facts were great, but lacked an emotional hook that would bring the story home. Creating the “Holiday Blue Box” turned a cold, intangible “insurance” offer into a warm Blue-branded “gift” that had an actual physical image, and a “thing” to prompt adults and children alike to act now and obtain.

A bit ironically, to bring this message home, we took it online — where GenY arguably “lives.” The combination of digital video, radio and display ads shown here not only reached the right public, it touched them, generating response and blowing the doors off response targets…enrolling thousands of incremental new members.

Needless to say, the Holiday Blue Box Campaign brought a lot of Holiday and New Year’s cheer to BlueCross headquarters.

Facebook proved a key media channel. Ads — both warm and whimsical — used Blue Box imagery and engaging family images to convey the emotional benefits of enrolling for health insurance.


Creative Executions Across Platforms


Digital radio on Pandora and iHeart Radio proved a solid lead generator.

Play Online Radio Ad Below

As the online display ad campaign rolled out, so did the the “gift” messaging, expanding beyond “Blue Box” to broader parent-child ads.