Growing market share through a neighborly approach

Industry: Health Insurance

Extending a friendly invitation too good to pass up

ATRIO is a small but growing Medicare Advantage plan in Oregon and Nevada. Like many regional plans competing with national players during the Annual Enrollment Period (AEP), ATRIO needed a new strategy to connect with prospects, prove its value as a local plan, and ultimately drive more leads and sales. On top of that, factor in the plan’s expansion into five new counties, and it was facing some real challenges.

How do you re-engage an audience that’s overlooked you before? How do you generate excitement within a new market? And how do you know you’re reaching the right people with your message?

ATRIO partnered with DMW to create an Action Brand™ campaign that addressed these challenges and delivered a warm welcome to anyone looking for a better Medicare plan.

The Result

The “Get to Know ATRIO” AEP campaign took a neighborly approach to reaching prospects, serving as a friendly invitation to take a closer look at a local plan. The campaign hit just the right tone with the plan’s target audience — balancing a welcoming local vibe with a proven “what’s in it for me?” direct response focus.

The mnemonic “oh” sound featured in the messaging, the use of lively doodles, and the emphasis on peer-to-peer interactions built a memorable platform to showcase benefit-forward messaging. Additionally, 20-year anniversary callouts added credibility to ATRIO’s position as a trusted member of the community.

DMW’s strategic data analysis and consistent optimization across all marketing channels enabled ATRIO to effectively identify their audience and target the people most likely to respond, including those in expansion areas where audience data was limited.

This campaign surpassed enrollment goals with a stunning 116% increase in applications year over year.

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