Unleashing a Top Dog to free run on new turf

The leader in employer group insurance, MetLife was ready to expand it’s marketing to Credit Unions. The first challenge: getting in the door of CU Benefit Managers.

While MetLife had top-rating in not just financial stability but many areas of customer satisfaction, their greatest competitive advantage here was their ability to make life easier for Benefit Administrators. Sending the brand spokes-dog, Snoopy, to prospects on a unique, interactive door hanger for their office made the point in a fun way, gave sales reps a memorable icebreaker, and created a positive buzz in the workplace, too!

RESULTS: Much More Than “Peanuts.”

Our wet-nosed approach yielded hard-nosed direct response numbers —with an ROI of 19:1, PLUS a warm in-market brand response and a powerful motivational response from the MetLife sales force. Hot dog!

Engaging, smile-inducing, but most important: opening the door for first sales rep contact.

Creative Highlights


As a category of direct mail definitions, the Top Dog piece is a “self-mailer with a personalized letter panel.” But that’s where categories end, because this charming and unusual door hanger just begs for the whole credit union office to sit up and take notice.

The follow-up postcard keeps the message hanging around even longer with Benefits Administrators.

to 1 Phenomenal ROI