Marketing that’s born to be wild,
not … filed.

Sales agents … they’re out in the field spreading your message face-to-face, independent, self-sufficient, living off the land (ok … maybe that’s too primal). And, left to themselves, these resourceful, motivated go-getters will create their own marketing materials – sometimes a counter-productive proposition for everyone. Kinko’s and Office Max step in and POOF … your brand can get buried in wingding fonts and sometimes questionable messaging, while the piece itself is soon buried in a consumer’s circular file.

Independence Blue Cross approached DMW to get full-bore power from its Medicare sales agent team. Ordinarily, aside from creating their own materials, in this highly motivated category, these agents would ALSO have to file advertising with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) for approval … a messy, lengthy process.


Pens and everything else an agent could need to generate leads… and get signatures on the bottom line.

Welcome to a secure, password-protected one-stop shop for thousands of field agents covering territories in PA and NJ.

DMW Direct designed a new Broker eStore: A secure, password-protected online portal to put well-branded, expertly crafted materials in the hands of sales agents to get them fired up and ready for face-to-face action.


Clearly categorized material, for quick deployment… no wonder so many agents found the site so easy to use.


Print at home or order a batch … personalized and perfectly branded.

Key takeaways:

  • Ease of use
  • Met both “home office” and field sales needs
  • Great Direct Mail – delivered to field in a way that Sold the consumer
  • Made it easy for sales force to use