5,000 new accounts in 90 days


The Challenge

TruMark Financial is a credit union with deep roots in the Philadelphia area. Yet, TruMark Financial needed help in overcoming the issue of low awareness among people living near its branches. They simply didn’t know about TruMark, and if they did, they didn’t know what a credit union was, why it was different, and how easy it was to become a member.

The Solution

Sometimes opportunity knocks, and sometimes it just comes crashing in. The economic crash of 2008 made many people wary about “big” banks that were playing fast and loose with their money. DMW saw an opportunity to put our Action Brand™ approach to work, persuading consumers to view TruMark not just as a friendly, neighborhood credit union, but as the “anti-bank.” TruMark was people-focused, not money-hungry, and valued your trust. This new positioning became a rallying cry. TruMark picked up the theme in print ads and annual reports, and used it in employee meetings to energize staff.

The Action Brand™ transformation of TruMark led to the breakthrough Your Trust Matters campaign, featuring some well-off individuals who profited nicely from your bank, all of them enjoying a life that most people will never see. The campaign featured 3 high-impact DRTV spots combined with billboard, digital, and radio ads. The campaign struck a nerve with consumers and the phones lit up, resulting in a record-setting number of new accounts.

Trumark - Solution

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Action Brand

Action Brand



Website Design

Website Design

Trumark - Results

The Results

TruMark financial saw a HUGE increase in awareness and a flood of new accounts.

  • This integrated campaign drove 5,000 new accounts in 90 days — a record number
  • Awareness of TruMark Financial nearly tripled from 13.2% to 37.2%

The Your Trust Matters campaign helped TruMark Financial land 5,000 new accounts in 90 days.