26% increase in conversions


The Challenge

Meemic is an auto insurance company that gets high marks from teachers, because it was founded by educators for educators. Meemic has been offering exclusive auto coverage to the educational community in Michigan for over 60 years. DMW has been a long-time strategic partner to Meemic, creating a new look for its brand and instigating a run of record-setting quarter-over-quarter lead generation efforts, each better than the last. After results hit a plateau, DMW asked, “How can we do more?”

Meemic needed a new, breakthrough creative to re-energize policy sales. And they needed a creative that would not break the bank, instead bringing in more leads with a lower cost-per-sale.

The Solution

The answer was a little “creative vandalism.” Because Meemic offers unique coverage to educators — including liability coverage for cars damaged on school property — DMW broke out the spray paint and created a self-mailer that highlighted the “Surprising reasons” why you need Meemic’s unique coverage, including a graffiti tag across your car. The image of the spray-painted car was given even more stopping power because the variable font was used to spell out the teachers’ last name. It was an attention-getter, all right. And a results-getter, too!

Meemic - Solution
Action Brand

Action Brand

Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Hamilton - Results DM

The Results

Surprisingly good. Overall, Meemic sold more policies at a lower cost-per-sale (CPS) than the comparable campaign from a year ago:

• Total number of policies sold vs. YOY was up 7.7%
• Conversion rate overall increased 26% vs. YOY – jumping to 26.89% from 21.40%
• CPS for the new creative execution finalized at $147.59 vs. a $350 target … and improved a whopping 52% vs. YOY
• In head-to-head test cells of this new creative vs. the current strong control, the new “Surprising Reasons” CPS ($147.59) dramatically out-performed the control, which came in at $181.86

With a 26% improvement in conversions and a 7.7% increase in policies sold, this campaign was 'surprisingly' successful