Leaning into local proves a winning position

Industry: Health Insurance

Dialing up the local difference means connecting with neighbors

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina was looking to generate an increased level of consumer excitement for their brand and its Medicare plans during a period of market expansion into all 100 counties.

The campaign had to create a strong local bond with prospects while showcasing their product’s benefits, value, and commitment to NC residents.

Aligned with DMW’s Action Brand™ approach, the “100% Local” theme created a personal connection between Medicare prospects, the Blue Cross NC brand, and the community that this audience calls home. This ominchannel campaign illustated the value of having a Medicare plan that knows its neighbors.

The Results

“100% Local” — and its iconic “button” graphic — provided a telegraphic unifying visual element that drove home this uniquely NC brand. Regional imagery reinforced their history of service and statewide footprint. Messaging tapped into the benefits of the plans, and the emotional context of why consumers will feel good trusting their health coverage to their local Blue Cross plan.

The campaign was a clear winner. In fact, after just 6 weeks in-market, the DRTV creative won out over the long-standing control spot — slashing the weekly cost-per-lead by as much as 55% down to $78 — helping to reach client membership goals.

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