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How to get a new Medicare plan on a winning trajectory

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DMW has been building Medicare brands for national and regional clients for more than 3 decades. Over those years, we’ve been engaged in more than 30 successful plan launches coast to coast! Those experiences have borne out the truth that launch success is the direct outcome of carefully considering the uniqueness of each plan’s organization and the market situation — and following these 3 stages:

Stage 1:

Bring in a marketing expert to help design and build your new Medicare plan

Stage 2:

Design the marketing campaign components — brand awareness and direct response marketing tactics

Stage 3:

Optimize the campaign — data and analytics, media spend, messaging refinement

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If you’re thinking about launching a new Medicare plan, think about this: Every stage is critical. So, save yourself and your company from missteps and mistakes — and wasted money! Download the DMW Plan Launch white paper today.

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