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The 50-plus market, those “Boomers,” control over 70% of all discretionary consumer spending. They may already be your most profitable target audience. Or perhaps you should be claiming a larger share of that Baby Boomer wallet. DMW Direct is here to help you in either case. And while other agencies and consultants are jumping on the 50+ market bandwagon, we offer a unique set of expertise and experience with the potential to bring you more.

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An American turns age 50 every seven seconds, that’s more than 12,500 daily. Adults age 50-plus spend an average of $7 billion online annually. The “senior” market you thought you knew is dead and gone: transformed into a more active, older consumer. Forget everything you thought you “knew” about this lucrative market. All the stereotypes – both new and old – are traps for the unwary marketer. Those Boomers are not an easy segment to market to successfully. Fortunately, marketers interested in this segment can call on an agency with a track record of persuading consumers age 50+ to respond – DMW Direct.

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As the baby boomers “come of age” there’s lots of press about the approaching “Silver Tsunami.” It’s not easy keeping up with all the pop culture buzz – or getting a perspective based on real-time market experience. The team at DMW Direct has been selling to 50, 60 and 70-somethings for decades. Winning marketing strategies, creative approaches and media buying for this audience is not a new trend for us. It is what we do – with best practices we have had in place for a number of years. Ready to profit from this “new” trend? Just click here to contact us.

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