At DMW, the home of Action Marketing℠, getting all “generational” is a key part of getting prospects to respond. To craft the proper actionable hot button within a brand proposition for each respondent … to hone in on the resonators that get your brand off that page or screen and into that life … that is why we embrace generational-isms.

Targeting groups by easy data points may be a start, but you’ll lose many, many people by doing merely that. Defining people by age is a blurry business, and culturally, you can’t just insert Hendrix, The Clash, or The Arctic Monkeys and wait for your windfall.

If you really want both your offer and your audience to be singing the same authentic song AND have them calling you for more, please … start knowing their every nuance. Start here and now.



This man is not a “senior.” We should start there.

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Gen X


We like to spoil America’s neglected middle child.

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How do you get 75 million distracted eyes on you?

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