Integrated Response Campaigns

More than just seeing the big picture … let’s make the picture reflect more of what your business needs.

Tom Peters (the “In Search of Excellence” author) relays a maxim from his days at McKinsey & Co.: “Good ideas and grand visions aren’t the hard part…making them real is where it gets tough.”

There’s no question that a holistic picture of your business is critical. But ultimately, our clients picture success in very tangible, concrete terms. And regardless of their brand’s graphic standards, they all see it in a particular shade of green.

Bringing that goal home takes more than an innovative digital campaign. More than results from TV or mail.  And more than multi-media advertising. It requires a unique type of integration that works on multiple levels … proven direct response marketing expertise blended with brand values … marketing strategies married to measurable sales tactics … consumer front-line selling locked in sync with backroom fulfillment … online efforts working hand-in-hand with offline media to motivate and persuade … and more. Blended with the ability to fine-tune an ideal media mix with no preconceived bias, and no limits imposed by your agency’s capabilities. Calls, clicks, coupons…all compiled and tracked to report total R.O.I.

If that sounds like an approach your business can profit from, it sounds like you should request a no obligation consultation with our team.

An integrated brand response campaign with real legs!


Strategic Consulting

First: you (we) need a plan.

There is a reason the discipline DMW practices is called “Direct Response Marketing.” Winning tactics are always a critical factor. But when the goal is immediate and measurable consumer action, we’ll always want to pause and consider, in addition to ingenious creative executions, the Product, Price, full Promotional activity and Place— yes, all four “P’s” of the classic marketing mix. Even if all we’re called to do is a single TV spot or display ad campaign, how it fits into the strategic whole can make all the difference.

There are also times when the DMW team is engaged for a stand-alone strategic consultation. To develop a marketing or communications plan. Aid in the design of a research project. Analyze market data. Or probe marketplace and competitive activity to uncover new opportunities. Wondering how our team’s experience and seasoned direct response insight can help your business grow we’d be happy to discuss.

Making an integrated response campaign click through strategic innovation.


Marketing Analytics

The facts…and much more than “just” the facts

Are you looking at reports stuffed full of numbers, yet starved for information? As you might expect, at a direct response advertising agency, all our data mining and data analysis activity is focused toward reaching a defined goal or optimizing a specific marketing activity.

Our clients rely on us for consultation and insight to reveal what the numbers mean. Okay, response is up. Does that mean spend more, or spend less targeting a smaller group of actual responders, or broaden your prospect universe to maximize volume? Our team can help you make the best call.

Creating models and profiles, reporting and analysis, database and file management … the DMW team can identify the most profitable customer segments, identify trends for forecasting, fine tune a mail plan, provide real time results reporting, inform creative development, or just clean up a database. How can we help you? Let us count the ways.

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How’s your campaign doing? You need a dashboard!


DMW develops a custom dashboard and reporting protocol for each client: so you see what you need most, when you want it… daily, weekly or realtime.

How to get yours

Media Planning & Buying

Beyond reach & frequency—you should be squeezing more ROI from every $ you invest.

When it comes to how DMW delivers a superior marketing ROI, our media department is the message.

First, there are no “givens.” Our media-agnostic philosophy means we do not start with any pre-conceived notions on your best media mix. Starting with your objective (awareness, number of leads, CPL, CPA, etc.) and budget, our in-house team of media planners and buyers, dedicated digital group, alternative media specialists and licensed list brokers, will use an array of proven audience research tools to devise a direct response marketing media mix that will meet (or exceed) your benchmarks.

Then, throughout your campaign (or day in and day out for years at a time, as with many of our current clients) — we’ll monitor results each morning to continuously refine media buys to drive down cost and boost response.

Active. Hands-on. Relentlessly improving results. If that’s not how your media dollars are being managed right now, we should talk.

May we map your route to better results?


Seeing the physical how, what and where of how target audiences, demographic segments, retail locations, competitors and other factors relate often lead to true “ah-ha” moments.

See for yourself… contact DMW for a no-obligation consultation

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There are many commercials everyone finds nice, pretty and funny. And the one TV spot that makes your customers go pick up the phone.

That’s the kind we create for our clients, and their customers.

Sometimes direct response TV  can be nice, pretty or funny too. Sometimes, more hard-sell techniques work better. Always, we look to single out your customers and prospects among the thousands watching, dramatize a benefit, convince, cajole and compel a desired action. And after a few decades, our team has gotten pretty good at it.

Check out a few cases where DRTV played a starring role:

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Television is Dead?!? Time to tune into the facts.

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