It’s scary how a smart idea can catch on (especially with the right agency partner).

Delta Dental is the largest dental benefits provider in the United States, covering 60 million people through nearly 100,000 employer-sponsored group plans. As impressive as that may sound, the majority of Americans are missing insurance on their teeth. Expanding that coverage requires not only selling consumers, but gaining the cooperation of a network of 39 Delta Dental affiliate companies throughout the country. Here’s how the Delta Dental DMW team tackled the challenge.


Nothing like a friendly, engaging landing page to deliver great results.

Step 1: Going from good idea to go-to-market.


Adding digital display ads proved to be a winning recommendation.

In 2010, Delta Dental had a vision to sell dental plans directly to individuals. First, this required creating a pilot program to prove to affiliate companies this notion was viable, and to enlist their participation. Before tackling that, the challenge was to find a marketing agency able to help plan and launch the initiative.

DMW Direct was selected as the winner of a thorough competitive agency review. Why Delta Dental selected DMW Direct. After a strategic exploration and analysis, DMW developed product positioning and a messaging platform. An initial direct mail test was planned, executed and launched in 3 states in 2011. Delta also agreed to a DMW recommendation to test digital media, funding a search campaign.

Why did Delta Dental decide on DMW Direct?

The fact that our organization shared a “Double D” monogram wasn’t noticed for some time. The key criteria Delta Dental “checked” that made them most comfortable engaging with DMW Direct:

  • Healthcare insurance direct response marketing experience
  • A strategic approach to building a test program
  • Additional experience in new consumer product launches
  • The agency’s account management process and campaign performance tracking

As time has passed, success has grown, and our collaboration has grown, we also like to think our winning personality and ease of collaboration has proven to be a factor…in addition to our skills and expertise <blush>.

For more detail about these facets of our agency, please contact us.

Step 2: We’ve got a winner…now make it better

Based on the success of the initial tests, DMW refined winning mail packages, optimizing both list and production investments. Digital efforts were expanded onto a display ad campaign, mobile site, email campaign, later adding search on multiple platforms, Facebook campaigns and response landing pages.

In 2013, DRTV was added to the media mix. Leveraging DMW’s decades of expertise in response television, the campaign was a success right out of the box.

Scroll through the on-going facebook campaign.

Step 3: Spreading the wealth.

As this success story has grown, so has the number of participating Plans, embraced by a growing number of Delta Dental affiliates coast to coast.

DMW response disciplines continue optimizing results: driving response numbers higher, while continually cutting the cost per lead. Today, the program continues expanding, as additional Delta plans sign on and see increases in their individual sales. Pardon us, but it’s a success story everyone can smile about.

Delta Dental Mobile Site

The new mobile app is literally taking the success story on the road.

DRTV was the latest medium added to the mix and has proven to be a top performer.