Mark Mandia

President & CEO

What sort of semi-snarky, self-deprecating blurb is appropriate for the guy in The Corner Office? (when you figure that out, let us know).

Mark leads the day-to-day operations of DMW Direct with the business savvy of an MBA and past CFO, tempered with insights honed from his years coaching competitive soccer. Mark was previously Chief Financial Officer and then Chief Operating Officer at Devon Direct, a subsidiary of Euro RSCG Worldwide, and Chief Operating Officer for Brown+Partners, a print management company. He adds insights and experience gleaned during 13 years with The Hay Group, an international management consulting firm. Mark has been at the forefront of transforming traditional agency structures into more dynamic platforms for growth and better serving clients’ changing needs. He was honored as the 2017 Direct Marketer of the Year by the Philly DMA. From 2009 through 2013, he served as Treasurer and Board Member of the Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association (PDMA).  Mark is active in various industry organizations and is currently a member of the Philly DMA, the Direct Marketing Association (DMA), the Philly Ad Club and the American Advertising Federation (AAF).


Renee Mezzanotte

EVP, Client Services

It may just be destiny that some people’s on/off switches are happily locked in the 'on' position.

Whether you catch Renee running between meetings, or on her evening run, you’ll find she has her mind’s eye firmly fixed on our clients’ big picture and in search of their next opportunity. A key strategist at DMW, Renee has spearheaded many successful programs across such industries as insurance, telecommunications, credit cards, and cable/high-speed Internet. Prior to DMW, Renee worked with such clients as British Telecommunications, Nextel, and NutriSystem. Her talent for marshaling all functional areas to launch and implement integrated programs comes as second nature for Renee, who directs DMW’s account services, media and production services departments. Whether you’re looking to apply leading-edge technology, or evolve your current program to new heights, you’ll profit from catching up with Renee.


Bill Spink

EVP & Chief Creative Officer

Some minds see 2 + 2 and envision a totally unexpected answer. These minds do not work in accounting.

Some decades ago, Bill was tagged as having “The” skill set to succeed in this century, as he profiled being in the under 10% “comfortable in ambiguity.” Today, he straddles digital and traditional media with ease, and applies his instincts as a marketer and strategist, combined with award-winning creative skills, to overcome and solve a wide range of client challenges. It also helps that Bill brings a broad spectrum of experiences from serving a wide range of blue-chip clients, including MetLife, Microsoft, Discover Card, AARP, Blue Cross Blue Shield, JERZEES, AIG, DuPont and others. After all, just as Bill finds playing live with his Blues/Jazz band, you never know where the ideal note or the right idea, is going to come from. And ultimately, it’s all about the results…and getting the audience to respond.


Linda Armstrong

EVP, Practice Leader

When you’re figuring out how to invest a client’s budget, it helps when you once sat in their chair.

Linda’s career, like many at DMW, spans both agency and client-side roles. As a past client,  she understands what is needed and valued in that partnership. With over 35 years of experience in direct response insurance, Linda is right at home as DMW Direct’s Insurance Practice Leader, keeping both clients and colleagues abreast of the latest industry opportunities. And she puts that knowledge into action as a key strategist for DMW clients. A recognized leader in the Boomer Marketing, Linda is often called upon as that cohort enters Medicare eligibility. She is also often invited to speak in conferences and webinars, as well as authoring whitepapers and industry publication articles. Prior to joining DMW 19 years ago, Linda was V.P. Marketing Services at Monumental General Insurance Group (AEGON) and held both creative and marketing positions at insurance marketer, National Liberty Corporation.

Justin Stauffer

Justin Stauffer

VP, Digital

One conversation with Justin and his passion for digital marketing and user experience is immediately evident.

Justin has a treasure trove of experience over his decades in digital – spanning digital strategy, user experience, digital media, web technology and marketing analytics. And when it’s time for a break, he’ll then gladly regale you with a mug of homebrew— backed by tales of not just selecting the precise blend of malts, strains of yeast, but (here’s that passion for excellence) how to even cultivate your own hops.

Rachel Silva

VP, Strategy & Innovation

To Rachel, something new isn't a challenge - it's an opportunity.

She accepted long ago that the world won’t stop changing. To be successful, you have to recognize that and be prepared to adapt to its challenges and opportunities. (Especially when you consider the pace of change in marketing, not the least of which are mobile and digital channels.) One of the many passions that drives Rachel is integrating tried and true marketing methods with the new in order to get the best results. Everything works better when it works together. As a runner and swimmer, she knows all about maintaining pace and form and being able to go the distance. Rachel firmly believes that today’s marketing is data driven, which allows you to make informed decisions for the best output. Marketing can and should be fun, but long gone are the Mad Men days of making decisions based solely on gut feelings; there are so many different data sets that enable us to get much more granular. She is also willing to question everything, which is a critical mindset to possess when developing new strategies and tactics that get results (and not just another lap around the same track). That attitude, combined with a background that straddles both in-house and agency, makes Rachel the perfect advocate for both clients and colleagues.

Kevin Courtright

Kevin Courtright

VP, Marketing Analytics

It’s no secret that big data is, well, big.

In direct response marketing, the more we know about our clients’ target audiences, the better we can focus our efforts to drive action from them. It also helps us to know which groups of people to not target. Kevin gives us a critical advantage in this area, because he not only loves data, but he knows what to do with it. Marketing analytics can be a different language. And when it comes to crunching a mass of data to squeeze out actionable insight, Kevin is just the guy for the job. Voted by his college Judo Club as the “Toughest Kid in the Math Department,” and now with years of insurance marketing under his belt, we find it’s healthy to pay attention when he has something to say.

Len Zappolo

Len Zappolo

Executive Director, Media Services

Len has been tuned in and turned on to brand and direct response marketing and advertising for more than two decades.

He has worked in all media forms (broadcast, print, mail, digital, out-of-home, and alternative media) for both acquisition and customer retention programs with great success, including brand and product launches. He and his team operate a tight command central for the comprehensive media research, planning, and analysis services they provide. Whatever you have to sell or promote, Len knows how to target the right demographic, plan and buy the advertising across the right mix of channels, and make adjustments throughout the campaign to achieve peak performance of both budget and goals.

George Price

George Price

VP, Business Development

As head of business development for our agency, George is often the first person potential clients talk to.

A consummate networker, George is at the hub of our own version of Six Degrees of Separation. In fact, George might have even more connections than Kevin Bacon! It would seem that he has prepared for this role his entire life, because George has amassed an incredible network throughout his career. What’s most important is the quality of his network and the value he brings to everyone in it. He understands our business and how we help organizations to meet their goals through direct response advertising. George makes a great first impression and serves as an excellent guide for marketers and executives who are curious about working with us. If there’s a good fit, he’ll move the discussion forward and introduce you to our team. Loyal, knowledgeable, and committed to a good experience, anyone who knows George will readily attest to his sincerity and responsiveness.

Josie Clippinger

EVP, Chief Financial Officer

Thankfully, our team can lean on someone to help it all add up.

Josie makes sure that as the agency keeps multiple balls in the air meeting deliverables for clients that everything adds up. While clients do not often see Josie, they do see how smoothly the agency team functions: the direct result of her efforts. Josie not only leads the agency’s Accounting and Financial functions (important to our clients, as well!), she also oversees Treasury, Tax, Risk Management, Human Resources, and manages DMW Direct’s facilities for 3 office locations. Under Josie’s direction, DMW Direct has implemented robust client reporting and support systems that allow the agency to more efficiently manage its client relationships.