Web Strategy

We love it when a plan comes together. Of course it doesn’t just happen serendipitously. So how do we get there? It starts with identifying your business’ objectives. Then comes: exhaustive research, rigorous testing, detailed metrics analysis, and copious amounts of coffee. From there, our prodigious team of digital experts gets to work forming their findings into an actionable and integrated plan.

User Interface Design & Development

For us, designing is an art form and a science. We spend just as much time carefully crafting the look of every creative execution as we do with making sure it guides users down the utmost logical path. Artistic and analytical, our talented web design and development team is precise in their creation of experiences for varying types of groups and businesses. Ably demonstrating great expertise in a number of online areas:

  • User interface design
  • Information architecture/prototyping
  • Front-end development
  • Landing page and mobile app development
  • Application integration
  • Conversion rate optimization/heuristics
  • Q/A testing

Digital Marketing

Reaching the right people, the right way is possibly the most essential part of what we do. A beautiful and rich online experience doesn’t really matter if no one’s there to see it. So how do we bring it all together? We do this by incorporating strategy, targeting, and timeliness (and sometimes a little luck) with a deep understanding of online channels and human interaction.

In the end, here’s how we help you target your audience to drive them to take an action:

Pay Per Click

Pay-per-click (PPC)

PPC-based marketing is an effective way to reach leads when they are researching or considering a purchase. We leverage PPC to drive conversions from within many highly-targeted websites, mobile websites and mobile applications.

Paid Search

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is the most common form of PPC marketing. We promote with SEM to reach your customers within the search engine results at the moment they’re looking to research and seek out your product or services.

Display Advertising

Display advertising

Display is typically utilized in order to drive awareness of your product or brand. As a direct response agency, we typically utilize the channel to market to individuals that have shown interest in the past but did not take the desired action.

Email Marketing

Email marketing

One of the earliest forms of digital marketing, email allows the ability to send 1-to-1 messages to an individual. We have experience with many of the leading email service provider platforms to maximize the ability to drive your audience to take an action.

CRM / Marketing Automation

When connected with your CRM, marketing automation allows the ability to send targeted email messages at the appropriate time to drive your audience to take an action – such as requesting more information or generating a sale.

Social Media Marketing

As organic reach for brands continues to decrease, leveraging paid media within social media platforms is essential. We utilize many different social media platforms to ensure you reach your target audience.

Web Analytics

Unlike many other digital approaches, our web analytics isn’t an overlooked part of the process that gets tacked on at the end. We incorporate it at the beginning — constantly testing, optimizing and reassessing as we go. Additionally, our analytics team leverages reporting to help drive recommendations and understand visitor behavior, while also breaking down the performance and ROI of each communication channel.

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