Aren’t all agencies the same? Not in our experience.

Actually, make that our “experiences.” Because we look at our business, and our clients’ business, through two different sets of experience…

First: as a marketing firm which has evolved since our founding in 1984, into a unique breed of full-service advertising agency. DMW Direct was founded, and will always be steeped in, the art and science of the direct response discipline. We have kept — and continually refined — the time-tested techniques which have created winning direct marketing programs for decades. Today, we marry that heritage with the power of digital media and data technology to help drive our clients’ business, creating Action Brands™.

Secondly, as an agency staffed by one-time client-side professionals. Of the 85+ professionals at DMW Direct, many of us — in all departments and at all levels —spent a portion of our careers, on the “client side.” We have a very clear idea of what clients expect and need from an agency, and the issues and “addy-tude” that create the pitfalls so many agencies fall into.

This two-fold experience makes DMW Direct a different kind of agency. It gives our clients a best of the tried and true, as well as innovative and new. With the assurance they get full benefit of both perspectives at all times. Our ability to assess opportunity from your side of the table also defines our dedication to so carefully stewarding our clients’ budgets and brands: we are accustomed to being measured by results and have personally shouldered those bottom-line responsibilities.

To get a better understanding of what this difference can mean to you in the day to day helping your business grow, explore the links at right, or contact us for a consultation. It’s likely to be a different conversation than you are used to having with an “ad agency.”

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