What is a brand?

“A brand is a promise that when kept creates preference.”
– Peter Sealey, PhD

What is an “Action Brand™?”

“A brand promise that goes beyond preference to generate response.”
– DMW Direct

As an agency rooted in direct response disciplines, DMW Direct has a very different bias when we tackle a branding project.

Our perspective is colored by decades of experience using proven direct response techniques and successfully producing measurable results for each dollar our clients spend. An Action Brand works, from its inception, to motivate consumers toward measurable results.

In short: an Action Brand drives response beyond mere engagement. Clients may ask us to leverage an existing brand, or re-invent their value proposition. In either case, we take on a mission to take the brand beyond being memorable, establishing a position for a brand, or building brand preference. The mission we undertake is to actively strengthen your franchise with existing customers, while driving new customer acquisition.

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Action Brands are one part of our Action Marketing™ discipline.


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“More than just a brand, creating an Action Brand™”

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