Answer these 5 Questions to move your marketing from passive to persuasive.

Do you have an Action Brand™?

A brand has been described as “…a promise that when kept creates preference.” Our direct marketing roots, generating hard sales numbers since 1984, urge us to promote Action Brands, which go beyond preference to generate response. Giving your brand this added urgency can have a decidedly more measurable effect on increasing sales and revenue as discussed in depth here.

“More than just a brand, creating an Action Brand™”

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Are you shifting your programs into an Action MarketingSM mode?

Too many advertising and marketing dollars, both on- and off-line, are spent placing messages where consumers are likely to see them, with the expectation (hope) prospects and customers will stumble upon them and take notice. In contrast, we advocate reaching target audiences in a more pro-active, interruptive fashion.

How much of a difference does it make?


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Do you craft offers to specifically motivate your consumer?

When the topic of “Offer” surfaces, coupons, discounts and trail samples quickly come to mind. These are not appropriate for all products or services, and to often the subject is set aside. Yet, The Offer remains one of the most powerful motivators for any product or service, regardless of your prospect and customer audience. An expanded definition and a broader view of possible options are shared in this blog post.

Going beyond 15% Off and “BOGO.”

By Bill Spink | October 6, 2014


Are you poking & prodding your data to reveal real, actionable insight?

There are very few “givens” in marketing data. How questions are asked and how data is overlaid can dramatically affect the information and answers revealed. Too often we talk with clients buried in an array of facts, figures and information but lacking the actionable “to-do”  they suspect is lurking in reams of spreadsheets and dashboard printouts. To learn more about how our disciplines help ferret out “ah-ha” insights from your reports, poke us for a conversation with the DMW data team.

Get a better picture of what response data looks like.


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Are you pushing all your media dollars to work harder, every morning?

At DMW, the funds our clients invest in media never rest. Whether for a TV spot, online display ad, or keyword text buy, daily results analysis, rate and placement negotiation tweaks the buy and dials up ROI. Buy and hold? Set it and forget it? Any kind of passive approach has no place in a ROI-focused Action Marketing approach. It’s just not they way we wrest superior results for each campaign. For more on how we make each dollar work harder, contact us to chat with the DMW media team.

If it was easy to turn money into more money, anyone could do it.


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