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Do we really need another blog on the plus 50 market?  There’s already a ton of stuff out there on Boomers and Seniors.  What they eat, wear, drink, listen to.  Why they do what they do and what makes them tick.

But that’s the point.  There’s SO much to digest – and then what do you do with it? This is the place to come to learn more about what everyone is saying and to learn how to turn that information into action.

The people posting on this blog are dyed in the wool direct marketers.  That means everything we do needs to translate into some reason for action.  To respond, to inquire, to apply, to buy.  And in today’s world – every medium and every form of advertising should be driving consumers in that direction.  David Ogilvy said years ago “we sell, or else.”

So come and visit us often.  We think this open forum on the 50+ market will be fun and challenge conventional wisdom.

Bill Spink

About Bill Spink

Bill’s insights stem from his work crafting winning creative executions, and leading creative teams as they develop winners. He brings a widely diversified background to his points of view, spanning work communicating to varied audiences in financial services, various consumer and business-to-business marketing and advertising categories. From credit cards to home equity loans to private banking services — including such wide-ranging products as T-shirts, dog treats and pest control, Bill would never say he’s “seen it all,” but he has seen a lot. And the key — in all cases — is seeing the world from the consumer’s point of view. When those perspectives range from single mom’s to retired couples; CEO’s to lift truck operators, it really broadens one’s perspective. Bill’s is a member of the Direct Marketing Association, The DMA’s Echo Academy, The Philadelphia Direct Marketing Association, and Philadelphia Art Director’s Club. He is a frequent judge at both regional and international award shows. His work work has been recognized at numerous award shows, including several Caples and a Clio. Bill also posts periodically on his own blog “Frankly I’m Puzzled” sharing a creative perspective on marketing and life at large.

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